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List of Accepted Paper

Please find the conditional acceptance (oral/poster) list. All papers either oral or poster must go to IEEE Digital Library. Submit your camera ready paper (after IEEE pdf Xpress check), copyright, author reply to review comments and payment proof using ProConf.

Please Note the Presentation Guideline.

For Oral Presentation:
13 mins including Q/A

Poster Presentation:
Poster Size: A1,  594 x 841 mm,  23.4 x 33.1 in

Paper IDPaper TitlePresentation Type
3Robust Nonlinear Adaptive Backstepping Controller Design for Unmanned Autonomous VehiclesOral
4Cloud-Based Solution for Improvement of Response Time of MySQL RDBMSOral
6An Android Based Security Alert System for FemaleOral
7Analyzing MRI Segmentation Based on Wavelet and BEMD using Fuzzy C-Means ClusteringOral
19RFI and SQLi based Local File Inclusion Vulnerabilities in the Web Applications of BangladeshPoster
21Design and Optimization of An E-shaped Wearable Antenna Working in ISM BandPoster
22Lip contour extraction using elliptical modelOral
26Multiclass Motor Imagery Classification for BCI ApplicationPoster
28Multiple Sensors Based Fire Extinguisher Robot Based on DTMF, Bluetooth and GSM Technology with Multiple Mode of OperationPoster
29Stroke Matching Based Approach To Recognize  Bangla Offline Conjunct CharactersOral
32Sentiment Analysis on Bangla and Romanized Bangla Text (BRBT) using Deep Recurrent modelsPoster
35Design and Simulation of a Novel Classification Framework for Separating Sentiment from Assorted Game Related TweetsPoster
37Bangla Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Autoencoder and Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkPoster
44Pseudo Random Sequence over Finite Field using Möbius FunctionOral
48Transparency: A Key Feature Integration in Existing Privacy Frameworks for Online UserOral
51Learning from TagoreOral
61Memory Forensics Tools: Comparing Processing Time and Left Artifacts on Volatile MemoryOral
63Design and Implementation of Smart Attendance Management System Using Multiple Step AuthenticationsPoster
64Krill Herd Based Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksPoster
68Automated Textile Defect Classification by Bayesian Classifier Based on Statistical FeaturesPoster
72Malignant Kidney Tumor Ablation Using Electric Probe HeatingOral
75Design & Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of Electrical Vehicle with IPMSM Taking Core Loss into AccountPoster
76Algorithms Efficiency Measurement on Imbalanced Data using Geometric Mean and Cross ValidationOral
82Line Profile Based Fingerprint MatchingOral
90Discovering Knowledge regarding Academic Profile of Students Pursuing Graduate Studies in World’s Top UniversitiesPoster
93Sequence Classification: A Regression Based Generalization of Two-Satge ClusteringPoster
95Generation and Verification of Digital Signature with Two Factor AuthenticationOral
98An Efficient Approach of Identifying Tourist by Call Detail Record AnalysisPoster
102Enhancing Performance of Naive Bayes in Text Classification by Introducing an Extra Weight using less Number of Training ExamplesOral
114A Framework for Cognitive Radio Based Event Anomaly Detection Mechanism in a Smart CommunityPoster
122PSO-NF based Vertical Handoff Decision for Ubiquitous Heterogenous Wireless Network(UHWN)Poster
130A Comprehensive Approach towards UserBased Collaborative Filtering Recommender SystemOral
134Comparison of Cyclostationary and Energy Detection in Cognitive Radio NetworkOral
137Noise Aware Level Based Routing Protocol for Underwater Sensor NetworksOral
139Sentiment Analysis of Students Feedback: A Study towards Optimal ToolsPoster
140Fitness Based Biogeography Based Optimization AlgorithmOral
142Underwater Network Cardinality Estimation Using Cross-correlation: Effect of Unequal Sensor SpacingOral
145Cross-Gender Acoustic Differences in Hypernasal Speech and Detection of HypernasalityOral
149Image Based Drinks Identification for Dietary AssessmentOral
151Feature-Based Image Stitching AlgorithmsOral
152A Framework For Dynamic Vehicle Pooling And Ride-sharing SystemPoster
158Modified Spider Monkey OptimizationOral
159Embedding of (i, j )-Regular Signed Graphs in (i + k, j + l)-Regular Signed GraphsOral
160On 2-path signed graphOral
161Stability analysis of Differential EvolutionOral
162Grey Wolf Gravitational Search AlgorithmOral
163A Similarity Measure For Atanassov Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and its Application to ClusteringOral
164A third (four) order accurate nine-point compact EEM-FDM for coupled system of mildly non-linear elliptic equationsOral
165Analysis of a Delayed HIV Infection ModelOral
166Vehicle speed determination from video streams using image processingOral
167A new spline in compression method of order four in space and two in time for the solution of one-dimensional wave equation in polar coordinatesOral
169Relay selection and Beamwidth Adaptation to Overcome Blockage in mm Wave WPANOral

Important Dates:

Full Paper Submission - (Closed)
30 October 2016
04 November 2016 (Extended)

Notification of Acceptance -
November 16, 2016
19 November 2016 (Extended due to technical difficulties)

Camera-Ready Paper -
November 28, 2016
Registration Deadline -
November 28, 2016
Date of Workshop -
December 12-13, 2016

Online Submission